You can find on this page the Boston neighborhood map to print and to download in PDF. The Boston districts map presents quarters, region, suburbs and surrounding area of Boston in USA.

Boston neighborhoods map

Map of Boston neighborhoods

The Boston neighborhoods map shows region and suburbs of Boston areas. This neighborhood map of Boston will allow you to discover quarters and surrounding area of Boston in USA. The Boston quarters map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Bostonians have a variety of overlapping districts which considered as neighborhoods, squares and areas. Other boundaries established by Boston residential parking districts, the U.S.Postal Service, and individual neighborhoods and neighborhood associations exist throughout Boston neighborhoods map.

Surrounding Boston downtown are the neighborhoods of the South End, North End , West End, Bay Village, Beacon Hill, and Back Bay. The Back Bay in Boston neighborhood map, is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the USA. The neighborhood of Beacon Hill, is the site of the Massachusetts State House.

Some neighborhoods in the Boston map, such as Dorchester, have received an influx of people of Vietnamese ancestry. Neighborhoods such as Jamaica Plain and Roslindale have a growing number of Dominican Americans. North and east of downtown Boston are the neighborhoods of East Boston and Charlestown.

Boston districts map

Map of Boston districts

The Boston districts map shows all quarters and suburbs of Boston. This district map of Boston will allow you to discover areas and the region of Boston in USA. The Boston districts map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Boston as its shown on map is split between two congressional districts. The northern three fourths of Boston is in the 7th district, represented by Mike Capuano. The southern fourth is in the 8th district. Both districts are Democrats; a Republican has not represented a significant portion of Boston.

Massachusetts Congressional Districts as mentioned on Boston districts map were numbered west to east: the first district in the west and the highest numbered district at Cape Cod. The district numeration was not as consistent; sometimes they run east to west, or going counter clockwise around Boston.

The 21 official neighborhoods in Boston districts map are made up of about 84 sub-districts, squares, and neighborhoods within each official neighborhood. The Boston Redevelopment Authority defines 16 planning districts and 64 Neighborhood Statistical Areas (with four boston areas further subdivided).